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comment Decision Trees in board games?
You've provided some really good alternatives so I'm going to accept as the answer. I like the 2nd idea (bit of out the box thinking). Thanks
comment Decision Trees in board games?
Thanks, this is a really interesting answer. Someone suggested something like this to me once - I need to carefully consider if it would work (as each set of decision points is supposed to go together to tell a story), so I'd need to work out if the story telling aspect could be kept, spread across different cards.
comment Decision Trees in board games?
@freekvd: great questions, I've tried to elaborate a little
comment Pre-drawing cards or tiles
The only difficulty with this I find is when the 'Builder' meeples are in play from 'Traders & Builders'. It allows a 2nd tile to be drawn if extending something the builder is on.
comment What happens if you go go bankrupt trying to pay the bank?
@ZAD-Man: It doesn't say, but as a matter of common sense I'd say no - the properties are auctioned off 1 at a time. Obviously any that are un-bought then go back up for sale at full price.
comment In the official rules of Monopoly, can you offer immunity to other players in deals?
Interestingly however I used to have a copy of an official monopoly PC game and they did offer immunity as part of the trading. Unfortunately it was quite an old one and I can't find a screenshot.
comment Proper use of Stations - and how to convince others
I like this revised wording, I'll have to share it and see if everyone agrees
comment “Investing” in other players in Monopoly
That is a really interesting idea - although could result in a bit of a slow ending if it pays off. As you both eliminate players and share the properties (how do you determine who gets what as some may be more beneficial to one or the other?) those original properties won't be able to end the game quicker.
comment Am I at legal risk if I use a mechanism from another game in my own design?
I would agree too... if someone had patented the mechanism 'using Dice for randomness' how manic & complex would board games be?
comment Is there a penalty for misplaying?
@PatLudwig: We also have similar penalties, we always draw 2 for a penalty with all the different friends I've played against. In fact we introduce new rules (silent 7's - speak while a 7 is face up, slap down 9's - last person to slap their hand on top of the 9, saying either 'sorry' or a person's name. We tend to introduce them slowly as you get into the game and add anything extra we can think off!)
comment Which Settlers of Catan expansions are recommended?
Traders and Barbarians is interesting. It features a number of smaller expansions that used to be shipped (The Great River, Fishermen) which I wasn't that impressed with. It does however introduce a completely different game style for the last scenario (where you travel down roads with wagons) which I really love.
comment In Carcassonne, what is the point of a Bridge in the expansion set?
Interestingly I've got the official carcossonne on an Android device and farms don't continue under the bridge on there...
comment Hero Quest - Adaptation to remove 'Evil Wizard'
Thanks for the link. Doesn't really detail much about playing without Zargon but some of the other rules are interesting. I'm liking the idea of copying down the instructions without revealing secrets, or even creating a number/room map and coming up with some cards to determine which room you enter randomly each time you play.
comment Games that are quick to teach to new people, yet still fun and strategical
I disagree, takes ages to teach my parents Settlers!