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comment Help identify old advertising card game
@SQB - OK, the scans are kind of big, and due to hosting limits, I can't put them into one monster zip, so you'll have to grab each tif individually from kohne.org/page-woven-wire-fence-company-card-game.
comment Which MTG booster packs have the highest rate of return on investment?
@StevenStadnicki - credit where credit is due, WOTC has managed to keep the game fresh and interesting for a lot of fans, and not making changes that drove people away. And if you are going to buy any part of it to try to make a buck, sealed packs is probably the thing to buy (as opposed to individual cards), but it's still a gamble, NOT an investment.
comment Which MTG booster packs have the highest rate of return on investment?
Be careful - the ROI can be pretty good until the game goes out of style and they are worth approximately nothing. Remember that this is a game here (a fun one, to be sure, which presently gives every appearance of having good staying power), and that it's popularity could precipitously drop at any moment for no visible reason.
comment Can I sell a third party expansion?
My guess would be that in the US, as long as you don't imply that the manufacturer authorized it (I'd go with 'The unauthorized expansion to...' in my title), you'd probably be ok, legally. But remember, even if you are within the letter of the law, they still might sue you, and you'd still have to defend. I'd check out the manufacturer's history of legal action to see what you might expect.