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comment Rewards and punishments for card games
IIRC, I think that "Plum" was a suit of the cards being used: fireflywiki.org/Firefly/TallCard
comment What is the most balanced/competitive character set in Citadels?
I think the official rule interpretation allows you to build without paying taxes if you are out of money after building, but that seems to make the Tax Collector worthless. Enacting some sort of house rule for the Tax Collector has always seemed like a good idea to me. I actually asked a question about enacting a Tax Collector house rule on this site, but the question was closed.
comment What cooperative board games are there that I could safely play with my wife?
There is a term for this: WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) -- WAF is very important in my board game purchase decisions, as well.
comment Best Light Strategy Party Games?
The wagers portion is strategic, but I agree that the game is still pretty "light" in comparison to other games.
comment Games that play well with a wide range of different numbers of players
+1 This works even in groups where many players have never played before.
comment What is the most balanced/competitive character set in Citadels?
Nice. I always start with the normal characters, and then switch new characters into the game one by one to keep the game fresh. Usually, the assassin is the first to go, but I will keep these comments in mind.
comment Games that have no element of luck.
Extra hardcore bonus to those players who allow the lack of a peg to be considered a valid possibility.