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I'm an systems engineer, with some focus on complex systems, signal processing and a bit of control systems. My current job title is "Senior Satellite Systems Engineer". I am also a hobby photographer, and avid android programmer. I am the programmer of the Android app Psychic Tester, Ham Finder, and Qsl Mapper. I am also the author of the blog, The Making of a Ham, and the photographer on PearsonArtPhoto.com.

To see some of my photography, check out the following sites:

comment Is there a strategy for consistent winning in the base dominion game with the base setup?
Wow, that's really interesting. Hmmmm...
comment I have an idea for a card game. How can I best start testing it?
I don't want the whole cycle per say, just the "I have a game planned" to start testing it.
comment Do you get to draw a card if you rotate a tile?
Good to know it is in the rules somewhere:-)
comment In Pass the Pigs, when is the optimal point to stop?
Very interesting. Amazing how such a simple game can be so complex...
comment What strategies can you use as a Renegade in 4 player games to maintain your cover?
Oh, NM... Still, it'd be helpful to get one player out of the way, so... I've corrected my statement.
comment Is the Catapult expansion as cool as it sounds?
That's about what I thought. Still might consider getting it at some time, but not likely. Thanks!
comment Which alternative methods of choosing a starting player actually WORK?
Gold mine is a pretty new game, see amazon.com/dp/…; and stratusgames.com/games/gold-mine