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Jeroen van den Broek

I've been a programmer for as long as I can remember. As a kid I started out with a dialect of LOGO, quickly graduating to a variant of Pascal, both of which I mainly used to make games. Later I taught myself HTML, thinking I was now a certified web developer, as way too many people did at the time (it was about the year 2000). Once I grew up and went to college I learned to properly use languages and environments like Turbo Pascal, Delphi, ASP, PHP, SQL, HTML/CSS/JS, C and C++ and I even taught some Java, even though I never learned it before I did. I guess my college had a rather desperate lack of teachers.

School never was my thing, however. My grades were good, but I could never bring myself to completing the menial task of proving that after I had already derived Circle and Square classes off of a Shape class I could really do it again for a Triangle. I ended up with a job where I wrote embedded software for hardware that the company I worked for developed in-house. While a good learning experience, it turned out that this was not my thing and after about a year I was looking for another job. I rolled into the web development business. After 2 relatively short employments I ended up with my current employer where at the time of writing I've happily worked for almost five years and will hopefully continue to work for many more.

I've been responsible for a lot of websites, mainly built on LAMP environments. I also maintain the Android app connected to one of those projects and am slowly rolling into iOS development.

In the mean time, I've been teaching myself C# and XNA4 (even though it's end of life) so I can start creating games again in my spare time. I've also taken on a Python project because I was tired of using defective software.