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Inquisitive developer, programming teacher, avid reader, music lover, gamer; INTP; father.

  • web development veteran -- PHP, JS, CSS, the works
  • several years of C#/WPF/MVVM experience
  • used to fire a lot of C++ but not in anger for quite some time
  • know Windows Forms, WCF, ASP.NET MVC
  • lightly poked Python and Ruby

PHP is probably the ugliest language I 've ever used. So why do I love it?

You can contact me as "talegame" at Gmail until I get a blog.

comment How to use Chapel card to its fullest potential?
"This means trashing your entire starting deck as soon as possible.". Exactly this, +1.
comment How does Le Havre compare with Agricola?
I 've played both games several times (don't really like Agricola, I 'm a Caylus/Le Havre guy); this answer is a really accurate and objective description. Well worth the +1.
comment Developing Chess Game After 20 moves
This position is one where you should start thinking about gaining space, giving your opponent weaknesses and reducing their mobility -- not about sacrificing pieces. In one word, strategy. Incidentally, your comment above seems to indicate that this is exactly what they end up inflicting on you.
comment Any good way to add a handicap in Dominion?
+1 for simplicity. My only gripe with this solution is that you lose certainty as to the handicap's size. The effects of scoring e.g. -10 points are much different when e.g. the winner scores 50 than when the winner scores 30 (assuming the winner's score is a good metric to estimate the other players' scores as well).
comment City card and predicting when Supply piles will run low
Don't forget that you don't need two exhausted piles for City to be good: with just one exhausted pile, it's better than Laboratory.