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I started off programming in BBC Basic and 6502 assembler. I got my first job programming in FORTRAN on VMS, and since then have picked up C, C++ and SQL on VMS and Unix, with excursions into VB and IBM 360 assembler.

I drink real ale, play wargames and contract bridge, and walk in the country.

And, yes, I have a beard.

comment Good games for playing in a bar
Cribbage is an excellent game for playing in the pub; indeed it would be slightly strange to play it anywhere else...
comment Lasting games in the past century
ASL certainly satisfies the first, second, fourth and fifth items in the bullet list, and it is usually possible to get a mention in the local paper with a little effort.
comment Why is the strong 1NT so prevalent in Bridge?
Escapes? Redouble, staring them right in the eye. See who cracks first.