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comment Scrabble variation: use double and triple word scores (but not double/triple letter scores) twice?
Actually, I think this is a rhetorical question that actually IS an answer to my question. The poster is saying (I think) he has some official source that shows caziques can score 392 points, and the only way that can happen is if triple word score is used twice. Of course, you could just add "cazique" to the left of an existing "s", but I might be missing something.
comment Countermeasures to “analysis paralysis”?
Jeopardy countdown is just the last 30 seconds of the Minute Waltz :)
comment Online Scrabble-like game with play-ahead feature?
This is beyond awesome, thanks!
comment Online Scrabble-like game with play-ahead feature?
Hmm, I just realized I didn't add the word 'free'. Would ideally like to find a free solution, though this one is interesting. On the question "Q I just took my turn, and the score was credited to my opponent, help?" suggests autoreplies are a bad idea?
comment How can I estimate my chances to win a Risk battle?
Your statement "look up your odds after every roll" is actually very deep. The chart assumes you'll fight until you've won or until you're down to one troop. If you stop once the odds are against you, the chart isn't accurate. If you make a chart to compensate, you can then stop when that NEW chart tells you the odds are against you, and so on, ad infinitum. I've done some inconclusive work along these lines: