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comment Distribution of tokens in Standard 4 player catan?
The letters are just to put them in proper order. You start at an Edge with A, and continue alphabetically until you hit R. You skip the desert. The dots under the number indicate the relative frequency the number is rolled to give some at-a-glance clue to which spots are best. 6 and 8 are the most often rolled (aside from 7) so those are red.
comment Aftermarket Cases for Board Games
I second the baggies idea. If you've got a source for free or cheap baggies in a variety of sizes, go for it. I use them for lots of games too. Choosing a tackle box tray is more of an aesthetic choice for me; I think it just looks better and is more organized. It's also good for pieces you have to pick out individually rather than dumping out and using all of.
comment What is the Best Random Card Setup Tool?
It also has a good set of meta-sets. e.g. you can set up a quick rule to include a 'defense' card if there are any 'attack' cards. And those meta-sets are already defined in the App.