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I'm a software tester who generally focuses on test automation. I've worked at a lot of places with a lot of tools. Currently, I'm working for Healthland, a company that makes Healthcare Information Systems for rural hospitals. I'm developing an automated test suite using Cucumber, Selenium RC, and Ruby to drive our system. Prior to this, I was an SDET at Microsoft, working on Expression Blend and focusing on a lot of the graphics importer functionality (for importing Photoshop and FXG files).

comment Replacement coins for At The Gates of Loyang
Oops, yeah. I missed that part. They've said that they want to do different styles of coins. Maybe they'll eventually do Chinese-style ones.
comment Replacement coins for At The Gates of Loyang
They don't have different sizes (which is why I'm putting this in a comment not an answer), but Mused Fable has Realm Coins & Pirate Coins. They're all about the size of a US quarter, and come in gold, silver and copper colors. I have a set of Realm coins and they're really nice. Http://musedfable.com
comment How Has The Fluxx Core Game Changed Over The Years?
I only just saw this comment. To some extent you can mix Fluxx revisions. Fluxx v1 has different cards - shape and color of back, I think. I'm not sure there's a lot of value in mixing Fluxx 2 with Fluxx 3 necessarily though - you'd get a lot of duplicates. I think that from Fluxx 2 on, you can mix expansions with any base Fluxx version though I haven't tried.
comment Simple games that involve psychological factors?
It's been a while since I played the Resistance, but as I recollect, yes that is the rule. At the start of each mission, the leader rotates normally. If a proposal fails, the leader rotates immediately for the current mission.
comment Here Come The Warm Jets
That may indeed be how the deck rolls - I'm pretty sure that this card in particular is the one that made my wife hate the X-Deck. She prefers the family version without the minor improvements and occupations anyhow, and having her house burn down (and I think mine actually go to stone) really ticked her off.
comment Instructions for Pegs and Jokers by Fundex
Since you specifically mention Fundex, I think this may not be what you're looking for, but rules for a game called Pegs and Jokers (with no mention of Fundex) can be found here. They also have links to some place that makes boards, but I don't see any mention of special cards.