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comment What is Ol' George's Nail Wail?
Are the nails all the same length and just the holes are different depths? I could see a puzzle like this using different length nails combined with different depth holes and the end goal is to get all the nails in neatly like in your picture.
comment Replacement coins for At The Gates of Loyang
Oops, yeah. I missed that part. They've said that they want to do different styles of coins. Maybe they'll eventually do Chinese-style ones.
comment Replacement coins for At The Gates of Loyang
They don't have different sizes (which is why I'm putting this in a comment not an answer), but Mused Fable has Realm Coins & Pirate Coins. They're all about the size of a US quarter, and come in gold, silver and copper colors. I have a set of Realm coins and they're really nice. Http://
comment How Has The Fluxx Core Game Changed Over The Years?
I only just saw this comment. To some extent you can mix Fluxx revisions. Fluxx v1 has different cards - shape and color of back, I think. I'm not sure there's a lot of value in mixing Fluxx 2 with Fluxx 3 necessarily though - you'd get a lot of duplicates. I think that from Fluxx 2 on, you can mix expansions with any base Fluxx version though I haven't tried.
comment Simple games that involve psychological factors?
It's been a while since I played the Resistance, but as I recollect, yes that is the rule. At the start of each mission, the leader rotates normally. If a proposal fails, the leader rotates immediately for the current mission.
comment Here Come The Warm Jets
That may indeed be how the deck rolls - I'm pretty sure that this card in particular is the one that made my wife hate the X-Deck. She prefers the family version without the minor improvements and occupations anyhow, and having her house burn down (and I think mine actually go to stone) really ticked her off.
comment Instructions for Pegs and Jokers by Fundex
Since you specifically mention Fundex, I think this may not be what you're looking for, but rules for a game called Pegs and Jokers (with no mention of Fundex) can be found here. They also have links to some place that makes boards, but I don't see any mention of special cards.