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For those who cares, I'm Italian (Belluno - Northen Italy).

I have a master degree in Computer Science and a working experience started in 2003 with .Net technology (C# since Framework 1.1).

Bacause of the nature of the projects I've been involved in, I worked most of the time with Compact Framework versions (targeting Windows Mobile and WindowsCE).

comment When you use Chancellor to discard your deck, do you gain a gold for each Tunnel discarded?
Yes, but in that case it explicitly uses the word discard thus falling in the "unless otherwise specified" case of the discard definition. Anyway, good point in making it clearer.
comment Dominion Seaside Treasure Map: do both copies activate?
Thanks. That's was my impression too. Good catch about the Throne Room.
comment Who goes first in Pandemic?
Just as a side-note.. Start Player (a card game from Ted Alspach) is specifically designed to determine the starting player of any other board game.
comment 2 draw piles for convenience?
While I obviously agree when you say that all stacks/decks must be depleted before reshuffling, granting that each player may draw from either stack/deck is fair, polite, but not actually needed.
comment MtG: making makeshift cards for home play
In my opinion an Ink Jet B&W printer on ordinary paper could do the work. Just cut and sleeve them, using your currently owned cards as a backbone.
comment Zeus Role on Odysseus
Thank you! In the Italian version the wording is less precise.