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comment Has anyone experienced “too many players” in a game of monopoly?
One solution is that people cannot purchase property until they go around the board once. That further randomizes the effect of who has the first go at buying property.
comment “Investing” in other players in Monopoly
OK, what if the "investment" also included an exchange of property, e.g. the investor gives cash (intended for use to build on a monopoly) and in return gets a single property (probably one not worth very much), so that it's the sale of property, in addition to the future returns.
comment “Investing” in other players in Monopoly
They made other kinds of deals... they weren't happy about players "teaming up" essentially (and considering the nature of Monopoly that's understandable) but they got over it and we had a great time.
comment Best cross-country route in TTR USA?
Thanks - though I'm not interested in the "best" TTR route in general -- just the best cross country route. Ie. if you want to make a cross country route, which is the most advantageous one from a points, tickets, and strategic perspective.