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Top new questions this week:

How does Maddening Hex behave in 1 vs 1?

Maddening Hex contains the following action: Then attach Maddening Hex to another one of your opponents chosen at random. When there's only one opponent, what happens to Maddening Hex?

asked by sinsedrix 5 votes
answered by Hackworth 14 votes

Can I build a settlement?

If I have a settlement with many roads connected, let’s say at least 6 roads deep, and my opponent cuts it off and builds a settlement between them, can I still build a settlement at the deep end even ...

asked by Allen 4 votes
answered by StartPlayer 7 votes

Does a non-creature card entering the battlefield as a creature trigger ETB abilities for creatures?

I have Lethal Vapors and Starfield of Nyx on the battlefield, along with three other enchantments, so that Starfield's static ability is on. When I cast another enchantment spell, it is a creature ...

asked by Trajan 3 votes
answered by Hackworth 10 votes

Why is this club lead suspicious when partner has two small hearts?

Follow-up question to Why is the King of Spades the best opening lead with this hand? In the next example cited by the website, the board and auction is: What would you lead with the North hand? It’s ...

asked by Allure 3 votes
answered by Forget I was ever here 2 votes

Canasta Question

If you pick up the pile of discards to meld, can you then use the entire rest of the pile in that same turn or do you have to wait until your next turn to use the rest of the pile?

asked by Staci 1 vote
answered by GendoIkari 1 vote

Are these multiple capture moves legal in Spanish checkers?

when playing the Spanish checkers wondering if the following moves are allowed (please see picture) if is the turn for blacks, can the crowned move like the red arrow? move to E8 capture white move ...

asked by nbari 1 vote
answered by Philip Kendall 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can you stack cards of the same number but different colors?

During an Uno game, can one player put multiple cards of the same number but not the same color on top of each other, with the first card the same as the previous one in the Discard Stack?

house-rules playing-cards uno  
asked by Maria 1 vote
answered by Joe W 1 vote

Can I have two planeswalkers with the same planeswalker type out on the field?

Can I have two versions of Huatli out at the same time even though they are the same planeswalker, just with different names?

asked by Alex 26 votes
answered by Malco 33 votes

Can a settlement disrupt roads in Settlers of Catan

Let's say my opponent (o) has a road network: o - - - - - o | x as x, can I: o - - -x- - o | | x ? And break his already existing road? My question is not ...

asked by Justin L. 40 votes
answered by Toon Krijthe 56 votes

What is considered a good score in Scrabble?

In Scrabble, what is considered a good score for: A two player game A three player game A four player game In a two player game with my sister, we once got a 236/249 scoring game. When we played ...

scrabble scoring  
asked by VortexYT 4 votes
answered by corsiKa 6 votes

Munchkin as a two player game

Has anyone had any experience with playing Munchkin with 2 players? If so, what variant/house rules do you play with, and how do you feel the experience compares to 3+ player Munchkin?

house-rules munchkin  
asked by Eric 48 votes
answered by Ilmari Karonen 26 votes

Do you have to have exactly 60 cards in a Magic the Gathering deck?

Do you have to have exactly 60 cards in a Magic the Gathering deck? Some people I've talked to at FNM say yes, others say no.

asked by Cygnus X 20 votes
answered by ikegami 26 votes

What are a blackjack dealer's options?

Everywhere I read manuals it focuses my options as a player. I can't figure out if the dealer knows his hidden card or not? Of course, when dealer has 10 or Ace showing, he checks if he's got a ...

asked by sren 16 votes
answered by Gregor Thomas 28 votes
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