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Top new questions this week:

Can I lose more life than I have?

In a multiplayer game, I'm playing Exquisite Blood and resolve the second ability of Aetherflux Reservoir, dealing 50 damage to an opponent who's life total was only 10. I was able to pay the 50 life ...

asked by mgarciaisaia 10 votes
answered by murgatroid99 12 votes

Is it legal to continue building a route after it has been cut off by an opponent's settlement?

Say I have a 6 road segment path with only a settlement at one of the ends. If an opponent were to intercept at halfway and place a settlement, splitting my road in half of 3 segments, can I continue ...

asked by Krishnabm 6 votes
answered by GendoIkari 8 votes

What is the name of this pyramid game?

I used to have this game, not any more. It must be at least 10-15 years old, but possibly older. I don't remember the rules, only that you had to follow a certain path with your pyramids, and that ...

asked by Koekje 5 votes
answered by Toon Krijthe 6 votes

What is this wooden animals game with unique dice?

Does anyone recognize these game pieces? I found them at a second hand store and having a hard time finding where they come from. Here is what I have (all wooden): 4 blue roosters (?) 4 green pine ...

asked by Jay A. Little 5 votes

What are the odds in Scrabble of not being able to make a legal move on opening turn

I've been playing the game for 50 years and this happened to me recently: I had the following rack PBQZJDH And so I could not play a legal move. I've been trying to work out the odds of this (no ...

asked by Jim McGuigan 4 votes
answered by DenisS 1 vote

Catan Road Eligibility for Diplomat with Knight In Between?

I recently played a game of Catan with Cities and Knights. We had a situation like the following (excuse the horrendously crude art). Where an Orange Knight (A) is breaking up some roads between two ...

catan catan-cities-and-knights  
asked by jpthesolver2 4 votes
answered by KMR 3 votes

Go question about eyes

I just learned how to play GO today, and I was stuck on one thing in particular. This was the board state: As you can see on the south-west corner (close to A1), I tried to capture my opponent's ...

asked by Sriswaroop Koundinya 2 votes
answered by David S. 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

House rules for Spade bids of nil, blind-nil, and 10-for-2?

My favorite bids in Spades are the riskiest ones: 10-for-2, nil, and blind nil. 10-for-2 is always worth 200 points, and most rule sets I've seen put nil at 100 and blind nil at 200. In our group, we ...

house-rules spades  
asked by Adam Wuerl 3 votes
answered by Neal Tibrewala 2 votes

In the official rules of Monopoly, can you offer immunity to other players in deals?

In the official rules of Monopoly, can you offer immunity to other players in deals? Also, what about tournament play, which has different rules again? For example, it was a common house rule from my ...

asked by Xonatron 24 votes
answered by Joe 15 votes

Where can I play Phase 10 online?

Is there an online site to play the card game Phase 10 on? A clone is fine, but I'd really like to avoid a download.

online phase-10  
asked by old_warbaker 7 votes
answered by ICodeForCoffee 3 votes

What's the difference between the versions of Cards Against Humanity?

I have version 1.3 of Cards Against Humanity, but it's got different cards than the free to download PDF file. Which cards are different between the various versions of CAH? Since I've also got some ...

asked by KatieK 15 votes
answered by monex0 11 votes

Advance to GO, collect $400?

I've recently come back to playing Monopoly, but one thing that's intrigued me is the following card, in the Chance pile. The wording says "Advance to go (Collect $200)". Modern versions, like the ...

asked by yuritsuki 13 votes
answered by ire_and_curses 19 votes

What is the penalty for failing to follow suit?

Assume the mistake is unintentional, what course of action should be taken when this occurs and is discovered? If the person discovers themselves that they earlier made the mistake, is the penalty ...

asked by Jack 12 votes
answered by AlexC 11 votes

Choosing same color after Wild (+4)

Playing Uno this weekend, one of the players played a Wild+4 but chose the same color that was in play (this led to a successful challenge). I had thought that, regardless of what's in the player's ...

house-rules uno  
asked by mmathis 8 votes
answered by Samthere 13 votes
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