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Top new questions this week:

Does a land with Landfall trigger itself?

If I already have Ashaya, Soul of the Wild in play, and I play a creature that has a landfall ability, such as Lotus Cobra, does the creature "see" itself and trigger its own landfall ...

user avatar asked by puppy528 Score of 5
user avatar answered by Hackworth Score of 7

Is there more than one solution to this problem about cutting in go

I have this past week been learning to play go from the book Learn to Play Go by Janice Kim and Soo-hyun Jeong. In one of the earlier chapters the concept of cutting is brought up and the following ...

user avatar asked by Manifoldski Score of 4
user avatar answered by TimK Score of 9

Freecell seed that solve itself

As a follow-up to this question: Is there any configuration of Free Cell that cannot be solved?, is there a FreeCell seed that solves itself? (with the auto card-stack built-in in the game) I know ...

user avatar asked by Mura Kitsu Score of 2

What happens if I pull more than 3 yellow tokens?

For set 4 of the yellow tokens in Quacks of Quedlingburg you get the value printed on the token (1/2/4) + N (the Nth token pulled). What happens if I pull more than 3 yellow tokens? Do they keep ...

user avatar asked by J_rite Score of 1

Does an official version of the rules of backgammon exist anywhere?

I am surprised that I even have to ask this question, but here I am. If I were talking about some obscure board game only ten people in the world know, it would be safe to assume the official ...

backgammon reference  
user avatar asked by Labba Score of 1
user avatar answered by KMR Score of 4

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is putting a Draw 4 card on top of a Draw 2 card legal?

Is it within the UNO rules to put a Wild Draw 4 card on top of a Draw 2 card, as it is a 'higher' card? We've ALWAYS played that you can, but my new friend is adamant you can't.

user avatar asked by Bronwyn Score of 6
user avatar answered by bwarner Score of 18

House rules for Spade bids of nil, blind-nil, and 10-for-2?

My favorite bids in Spades are the riskiest ones: 10-for-2, nil, and blind nil. 10-for-2 is always worth 200 points, and most rule sets I've seen put nil at 100 and blind nil at 200. In our group, we ...

house-rules spades  
user avatar asked by Adam Wuerl Score of 3
user avatar answered by Neal Tibrewala Score of 2

Is there an easy way I can tell if a MTG card is "rare" just by looking at it?

I don't always have an internet connection to research the rarity of a MTG card. Is there an obvious indication of rarity on MTG cards themselves (other than foil)? Some sort of insignia? Or a class ...

user avatar asked by Mike B Score of 9
user avatar answered by murgatroid99 Score of 16

How many lands should I have in my sealed or draft decks?

A standard draft deck has 40 cards in it; a 4-booster sealed deck has 30 cards. How many lands should I put in each of these formats? And why do I need this ratio? The conventional wisdom that I ...

magic-the-gathering deck-building mtg-drafting mtg-manabase  
user avatar asked by JSBձոգչ Score of 27
user avatar answered by Ian Pugsley Score of 18

Can a double jump move backwards in Checkers/Draughts?

In Checkers, can a non-kinged piece jump backwards as the second jump in a double jump?

user avatar asked by Moshe Score of 9
user avatar answered by freekvd Score of 15

How many lands do I need for a Commander deck?

A Commander deck consists of 100 unique cards, of which one is designated as the Commander and must be either a Legendary Creature or an allowed Planeswalker. I'm still very unfamiliar with this ...

magic-the-gathering mtg-commander mtg-manabase  
user avatar asked by DForck42 Score of 31
user avatar answered by Ian Pugsley Score of 26

What is the converted mana cost of a spell with {X} when cast with the Miracle mechanic?

Say I topdeck Entreat the Angels and cast it for its miracle cost of XWW. But my opponent wants to counter it with a CMC-based effect, such as Spellstutter Sprite or Spell Burst. 202.3. The converted ...

user avatar asked by Alex P Score of 32
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