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Top new questions this week:

Why don't triggered abilities immediately go on the stack?

Rule 603.2 of the Comprehensive Rules says: Whenever a game event or game state matches a triggered ability’s trigger event, that ability automatically triggers. The ability doesn’t do anything at ...

magic-the-gathering mtg-stack  
asked by Andy 8 votes
answered by Arcanist Lupus 15 votes

Are there times when "doubling" will not help the opponents make the hand?

In bridge, if I "double" (the stakes for) an opponent's contract, it usually means that I see a way to defeat the contract. Of course, declarer hears my double and will reasonably conclude, "Tom has ...

bridge bidding  
asked by Tom Au 7 votes
answered by Joe 8 votes

What real-life buildings are the Settlers of Catan Victory point cards based on?

Every version of Settlers of Catan that I've played (all US Mayfair, editions 1-4) has had a "University" victory point card that is clearly the church of Santa María del Naranco in Oviedo, Spain. Are ...

asked by T.C. Proctor 5 votes
answered by Hackworth 2 votes

Can I use Jegantha as a companion if I have an Apex creature in my deck because of the Alternate cost?

I'm building a mutate deck and since the deck meets the conditions for Jegantha, the Wellspring I wanted to use it, but since I'm running a few of the Apex creatures and their mutate costs don't meet ...

asked by JtbDragon 4 votes
answered by Benjamin Cosman 5 votes

Is this true : «In a 2-player game of Monopoly, there is a 12% chance that the game will go on indefinitely.»

This supposedly «fun fact» was posted on a Facebook game page. One commentator declared a 2-player game of Monopoly a zero-sum game; I stated that the bank acts as a 3rd player, injecting and ...

monopoly statistics  
asked by Robert Miller 3 votes
answered by ConMan 3 votes

Do I have to pay the Equip cost each turn to equip a creature with an Artifact Equipment?

In Magic: The Gathering, once I have cast an Artifact - Equipment and then paid the Equip cost to place it on a creature, does it come off the creature at the end of my turn? Must I pay the Equip ...

asked by Carly 3 votes
answered by GendoIkari 6 votes

How Closely Did Afrika Korps simulate the actual campaign conditions?

My understanding is that the Afrika Korps game parameters give the Germans and British about equal chances to win, that is, 50-50. Were the relative chances actually about 50-50 in real life? If not, ...

midway afrika-korps avalon-hill  
asked by Tom Au 2 votes
answered by KorvinStarmast 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can you hide your number of cards in Uno?

Can you hide your cards so other players can't see how many cards you have left? So if you don't remember to say UNO, others can't know if you had only one card left.

asked by Laura 16 votes
answered by CJ Dennis 19 votes

Two player mahjong?

My understanding of Mahjong is that you need four players. Is that right? Or is it possible to play with 2 or 3? If so, can anyone assist with a link to the rules.

asked by rmonte 3 votes
answered by bowlturner 3 votes

Are the utilities worth buying?

In Monopoly, there are two utilities. They cost 150, and rent is 4x the dice roll if one utility is owned, or 10x the dice value if both are owned. Are the utilities something I want to purchase if ...

asked by ire_and_curses 25 votes
answered by PotatoEngineer 25 votes

Where do you go for the 'nearest railroad' in Monopoly?

In the American edition of Monopoly, there is a Chance card that says: Advance token to nearest railroad Pay owner twice the rental to which he/she is entitled. If railroad is unowned, you ...

asked by Mithical 30 votes
answered by Joe W 57 votes

Are there any ways to lose in a "You can't lose the game" game?

Would cards like Lich's Mastery, and Door to Nothingness effect each other at all? Or Platinum Angel for that matter?

asked by BlueMillingDeck 27 votes
answered by Glorfindel 35 votes

Basic strategies for each country in Diplomacy

I found out one of my friends has Diplomacy and wants to play. He's never played before, and neither have I, nor anyone else in the group. I'm confident I can explain the rules, but I don't really ...

diplomacy teaching  
asked by Gordon Gustafson 10 votes
answered by Peter McNamara 14 votes

What is a good opening in Blokus?

I have played Blokus enough times to get a feel for the game and one thing that always bugs me is how to play the first few moves. There seem to be a couple of competing aims: Get rid of big, ...

openings blokus  
asked by tttppp 30 votes
answered by thesunneversets 31 votes

Can you answer this question?

Worldsoul colossos casting copies

if I have Mirror March out and cast Worldsoul Colossus with X=5. Would the copies keep the +1/+1 counters where the X paid effect would still be on the bottom of the stack under the mirror march ...

asked by Austin Duesing 1 vote
answered by Arthur 0 votes
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