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Top new questions this week:

Does a saga's ability resolve in time to save the saga?

Suppose I have a Time of Ice and Opalescence on the battlefield. My Time of Ice (which is a creature) is at two lore counters and won't untap during my next turn because of my opponent's sleep. Does ...

asked by Aetherfox 8 votes
answered by GendoIkari 12 votes

Ixalan's Binding and Ashiok, Nightmare Muse

I cast Ixalan's Binding, and its etb targets and exiles my opponent's Rampaging Baloths. Later in the game I use the -7 on Ashiok, Nightmare Muse, choosing to cast my opponent's exiled Rampaging ...

asked by CollinB 7 votes
answered by Becuzz 7 votes

Killing opponent's Arclight Phoenixes with Massacre Girl, with Cauldron Familiar in graveyard

My board: 5 lands, Cauldron Familiar in graveyard, food token Opponent's board: 1 untapped red mana, 2 Arclight Phoenix, Shock in hand I want to play Massacre Girl and sweep up opponent's board. ...

asked by Allure 6 votes
answered by Hackworth 12 votes

Expansion // Explosion and Alms Collector

If I have an Alms Collector and my opponent casts Explosion where X is 4 targeting himself and my Alms Collector, should Alms Collector still replace the draw 4 effect? I assume because Alms ...

asked by George 5 votes
answered by murgatroid99 6 votes

Who draws a card from Curious Obsession?

If I have enchanted an opponent's creature with Curious Obsession, which player draws the card after damage is dealt?

asked by CowboyBebop 5 votes
answered by doppelgreener 6 votes

What is the most mana that can be produced by tapping a single permanent in future standard?

After Theros: Beyond Death is added to standard, what will be the most mana a permanent can be tapped to produce? Rules: Current standard sets and Theros: Beyond Death are legal No infinite ...

magic-the-gathering puzzles  
asked by CollinB 4 votes
answered by murgatroid99 4 votes

Is there a long-term scoring system for 4 or 5 players who have played the same game repeatedly?

We are a group of 4, sometimes 5 players who have played Power Grid every week for nearly 2 years. For every game we have played, I have kept track of game dates and rankings (1st place, 2nd,..., ...

asked by Robert Miller 3 votes
answered by L. Scott Johnson 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there any configuration of Free Cell that cannot be solved?

When I have free time in small durations, I often play Free Cell on my phone. The app that I use permits unlimited undos, and because of this I currently have a run of 603 wins, with 655 total wins ...

statistics free-cell  
asked by Brian S 23 votes
answered by Studoku 37 votes

Are there specific deck combinations to avoid in Smash Up?

I just got the game, and haven't had a chance to play yet, but I did a quick run through on the decks (I got the basic version; no expansions yet), and it seemed like some of the combinations might be ...

deck-building smash-up  
asked by Beofett 9 votes
answered by Wolfkin 5 votes

Distribution of tokens in Standard 4 player catan?

My 4 player catan set has been mixed with my 5 & 6 player expansion set, parts have been lost, and last time I played we had 3 fields with an '8', no number '2' and a missing '10'. Would someone ...

asked by Edd Turner 20 votes
answered by LittleBobbyTables - Au Revoir 18 votes

What's the difference between ante and blinds?

What is the difference between an "ante" and a "blind" in poker?

poker terminology  
asked by C. Ross 22 votes
answered by Brian Campbell 26 votes

Winged Dragon of Ra's Attack and Defense Points

On the card of the Winged Dragon of Ra, the attack and defense points are ????. I am wondering that does the Winged Dragon of Ra has infinite power, and if not, what are his defense and attack points? ...

asked by Anthony Pham 4 votes
answered by corsiKa 4 votes

What happens when a commander is exiled?

Let's say you have a commander on the field, and an opponent uses Sisters Of Stone Death to force your commander to block the sisters and then exiles your commander? Does it remain exiled, or does it ...

asked by DForck42 18 votes
answered by Alex P 22 votes

What is the maximum allowed number of repeats in a Pokémon deck?

I've realised that, when playing Pokémon, the trick to winning is to evolve your Pokémon. This takes a bit of luck, in that you have to have the first level Pokemon on the table, then you have to ...

asked by Andrew Shepherd 14 votes
answered by user1873 23 votes
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