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Top new questions this week:

Usefulness of Splendor rare moves

I'm writing a AI for the game of Splendor. While the following moves are allowed by the rules, I'm more curious if there is ever a use case to actually play them: If you are buying a card, is there a ...

asked by Zibelas Score of 6
answered by Philip Kendall Score of 8

Countering a "When Cast" Ability

If an opponent casts a spell that has an "when cast" ability, e.g. the cascade from Bloodbraid Elf, can I counter that ability - I think it'd be a "triggered" ability - using a ...

asked by ElectricTeddy Score of 4
answered by GendoIkari Score of 1

Can you change a target of a spell to an illegal target with misdirection?

Can you change a target of a spell to an illegal target with misdirection? One ruling for Misdirection says that This does not check if the current target is legal. It just checks if the spell has a ...

asked by Euphorbium Score of 4
answered by Cadence Score of 7

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Are tile bonuses counted twice if 2 new words are formed?

An example: O O? There is a triple letter tile to the right of the bottom O, indicated with a ?. If I place an X on it, making the words OX (vertical) and OX (horizontal), do I score 50 points (...

asked by Rupert Madden-Abbott Score of 19
answered by Pat Ludwig Score of 24

How many lands should I have in my sealed or draft decks?

A standard draft deck has 40 cards in it; a 4-booster sealed deck has 30 cards. How many lands should I put in each of these formats? And why do I need this ratio? The conventional wisdom that I ...

magic-the-gathering deck-building mtg-drafting mtg-manabase  
asked by JSBձոգչ Score of 27
answered by Ian Pugsley Score of 18

Munchkin as a two player game

Has anyone had any experience with playing Munchkin with 2 players? If so, what variant/house rules do you play with, and how do you feel the experience compares to 3+ player Munchkin?

house-rules munchkin  
asked by Eric Score of 48
answered by Ilmari Karonen Score of 26

How quickly does a player have to say "Uno" to avoid drawing extra cards?

I was playing with my fiancée and some friends, and she's adamant that if you can yell Uno before someone who has just played their second to last card, they are required to pick up the penalty amount ...

asked by Michael Frank Score of 28
answered by ire_and_curses Score of 29

Can one creature block multiple attacks?

I'm not much of a Magic player myself, although I do know a bit about the game. Recently, I got into an argument about whether one creature can block multiple creatures' attacks. It looks like rule ...

asked by Joe Z. Score of 6
answered by Hackworth Score of 11

Is there a good tic tac toe strategy for the second player?

The assumptions here are that your opponent will block whenever you could win on the next move, and also that given the opportunity to force a win (by creating two different directions with two in a ...

asked by John Robertson Score of 2
answered by ryanyuyu Score of 10

Winged Dragon of Ra's Attack and Defense Points

On the card of the Winged Dragon of Ra, the attack and defense points are ????. I am wondering that does the Winged Dragon of Ra has infinite power, and if not, what are his defense and attack points?

asked by Anthony Pham Score of 4
answered by corsiKa Score of 4
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