The card Rebel Sneak Attack, among its other powers, grants the ability to discard itself from the tableau to allow you to place an additional military world.

Do you need to have sufficient military strength to take over the world, or do you get it for zero cost? If you need the military, then this card seems like a weaker version of Improved Logistics, for only one lower cost.


You still need to have sufficient military power to place the world. Nothing about the placement text implies that ordinary requirements are suspended. Indeed, the game designer says (emphasis mine):

Yes. And, just like IL doing a normal Settle after a declared takeover, the player doing this declares this additional settlement during their powers and payment step, discards RSA, pumps Military if needed, etc., and then delays the resolution of this additional settlement until the pending takeover is resolved. If the declared takeover fails, then the RSA additional placement is lost, RSA is still used up, etc., with the world itself then being returned to its owner's hand.

Exactly the same restrictions as IL after a takeover apply to an RSA additional settlement after a takeover, along with the additional restrictions noted on the RSA power.

Regarding your Improved Logistics comment: Improved Logistics is a bit of an aberration - it's really, really good. But this card allows takeovers, which is a two card swing (from them to you), which you seem to be discounting. Also, consider that Rebel Sneak Attack would be extremely powerful if it allowed placement of any military world for free (think high value Rebel Homeworld, etc.).

  • I forgot about takeovers - my gaming group plays entirely without them. Yes, it means that several cards are only good as discard fodder. (We also occasionally play without the prestige-gives-you-cards-and/or-VP-every-turn rules, to slightly nerf the military track.) Jan 17 '13 at 0:05

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