I want to remember this basic Blackjack strategy table.

Is there a flashcards deck to learn them? (by spaced repetition)

Preferably in Anki format, but other formats are fine too.

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Yes, there are flash cards in the excellent book by Ken Uston titled "Million Dollar Blackjack" This is a great book with interesting stories and strategies for different house rules. Applies to counters and non-counters; single, double, and multiple deck games. Vegas, Reno, AC rules explained as well. I think you can find it for less than $20. Good luck at the tables!


Are you sure this is something you want/need?

Many casinos do not care if you play with the strategy card on the table in front of you. Some casinos also provide them if requested.



  • I did not know that, thanks! Even if referring to the table is allowed, memorizing it (which is a matter of only 10 minutes, thanks to SRS) would make the game less clumsy, more enjoyable, and allow to start thinking about better strategies in realtime.
    – nic
    Jan 24, 2013 at 5:32

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