7 Wonders with Leaders extension (and optionally Catan wonder)

In the same turn (Alice and Bob are neighbours):

  • Alice builds the Courtesan's Guild
    • → she can copy a leader
  • Bob builds 2nd or 3rd Roma (B) stage (or 1st Catan (B) stage)
    • → he can recruit a leader

Can Alice place the Courtesan token on the leader card which Bob recruits in the same turn?


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On boardgamegeek.com, Jacek Deimer says he has asked Antoine Bauza (the game author):

If Courtesan Guild is built in the same turn that ROMA/CATAN recruits extra leader, can it copy leader recruited during the same turn?

Antoine answered:


So Alice has to choose a leader card to copy (guild card effect) before Bob recruits his leader (wonder effect).

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