Project Atlas is a Corporation agenda that can be over-advanced to provide agenda counters for the following ability:

Hosted agenda counter: Search R&D for 1 card, reveal it, and add it to HQ. Shuffle R&D.

Because it has no [Click] requirement, I understand that I can use this ability during the Runner's turn.

Imagine that I have a scored Project Atlas with a counter on it and the Runner runs on HQ. They pass the last ICE. Before the Runner accesses HQ, can I use this ability to fetch (say) a Snare into my HQ?

If so, must I do it before they choose to access (so that they could see me add the card and then jack out without accessing)? Or can I do it after they confirm that they want to access a card, giving them no opportunity to jack out?

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After reading the FAQ (here), specifically the section on the timing of a run, I believe I can now answer my own question. The relevant steps read:

4 The Runner APPROACHES the attacked server.

4.1 [Paid abilities]

4.2 The Runner decides whether to continue the run.
...Either the Runner JACKS OUT: [end the run unsuccessfully]
...Or the Runner continues the run: go to 4.3.

4.3 [Paid abilities and non-ice can be rezzed]

4.4 The run is considered to be successful. (‘When successful’ conditionals meet their trigger conditions)

4.5 Access cards, then [end the run].

Based on these clarifications, you may use the ability before or after the Runner decides if they'd like to access.


Yes, you can use paid abilities at any point in the timing diagram with the symbol for using paid abilities. There is an option after runner chooses weather to Jack-out or continue to access the server where you can do this. The runner will then have to access your HQ, unless he has used something like Account Siphon.

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