Just a quick question to be sure we are playing the right way.

Is getting a Great Hall by playing Ironworks let you draw a card and play another action since the Great Hall is both an action card and a victory card?



  • Action
  • cost 4
  • Gain a card costing up to 4 Coins. If it is an Action card, +1 Action; Treasure card, +1; Victory card, +1 Card.

Great Hall

  • Action - Victory
  • cost 3
  • +1 Card, +1 Action, 1 VP

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Yes, that's how they work. If the text on the cards isn't enough for you, it also explicitly says it in the rules:

You get a bonus depending on what type of card you gained. A card with 2 types gives you both bonuses; if you use Ironworks to gain a Great Hall, you will then draw a card (because Great Hall is a Victory card) and may play another Action (because Great Hall is an Action card).

This is really another case of "do exactly what it says on the cards" - it says on Ironworks that if it's an Action you get +1 Action, so you do, and it says on Ironworks that if it's a Victory card, you get +1 Card, so you do.

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