I got a Dark Vengeance box recently so I could use the Dark Angels with my Space Wolves, but after reading the history about them it made me think.

Can I use Dark Angels with Space Wolves?


Yes you can. Wolves and Dark Angels are qualified as "Allies of Convenience" under the 6th edition allies rules. This allows you to field 1 HQ, 0-1 Elites. 1-2 Troops, 0-1 Fast Attack, and 0-1 Heavy Support options from the Dark Angels codex with your Space Wolves detachment.

In game-play rules they are treated as enemy models that cannot be directly target by your weapons and abilities. The DA troop options do count as scoring units for you though.

  • You should note that as of the 7th E rule book they've become battle brothers. Jul 15 '16 at 9:46
  • In 8th edition both have the "Imperium" faction keyword, meaning that they can be used together.
    – MechMK1
    Dec 11 '19 at 13:38

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