I played The Resistance for the first time a couple weeks ago and am interested in writing a simulation program to test strategies. I know that mathematical analysis has been done on Mafia proper, but does anyone know of work that has been done to analyze The Resistance?


Here's a mathematical analysis of a potential winning strategy for the Resistance side: http://amininima.wordpress.com/2013/05/18/the-resistance/

And there's a thread on Boardgamegeek where they're trying to determine a formula for "spy-ness": http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/759016/using-excel-to-find-spies

Hope this answers your question!

  • Huh. So the tl;dr is: she proposes a strategy (for a game of mutually-acknowledged perfectly-intelligent logicians with no Tells) that gives Resistance a mere 26.6̅% chance of victory in 6-player game — am I reading that right? With the acknowledged lack of optimality proof, I wonder if (and, if so, how far) that could be improved. Apr 19 at 2:55

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