What are all the promo cards available for Dominion? I found Black Market, Envoy, Walled Village, Governor, and Stash on the Board Game Geek Store. Are there more?

Some of the promo cards are out of stock. Are they limited edition cards? Or do they come in and out of stock periodically? Are they available anywhere else?


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According to "Hans im Glück", which is the publisher of Dominion in Germany, there are only those five promo cards available. At the moment they sell the german version of the stash (Geldversteck) and the Governor (Gouverneur) in their online store http://www.cundco.de.

They also say that as soon as they are out of stock, they wont sell any new cards.

There is a german Dominion big box available at amazon.de which contains all promo cards. The description of the Dominion big box at amazon.com, however, says

Additionally it contains promo card sets which may vary

So this box will most propably not contain all of the promo cards.


A new promotional card was released at Origins 2014 and it is now available in the Board Game Geek Store. It is the Prince card.

This is in addition to the other promo cards that have already been mentioned: Black Market, Envoy, Governor, Stash, and Walled Village.


Those are all of the promos, and some of them were available when you bought whichever expansion was coming out at the time, or at events - apparently some of the TableTop Day store promotional packs included a few Dominion promos - but generally the BGG store is the place to get them all.

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