I am going to split this into players A and B to simplify my question;(placement rules applied)

Player A has a road which is 7 in length and has the Longest Road tile,

Player B has a road which is 5 in length (second longest road),

Player B builds a settlement mid-way along Player A's road resulting in Player A now having two roads - a length of 4 and a length of 3.

Does Player A surrender the Longest Road card as his previous longest road no longer exists? (and as a result Player B obtains this honour)

Also, if (in the above example) Players B and C had a road less than 5, would the Longest Road card return to the bank?


Yes and Yes. In the rules it states that if the longest road is split, then you re-evaluate who has the longest road. If no-one qualifies (or it is now a tie) it is returned to the bank.

Building a settlement to split someone's longest road is a key tactic in Settlers, which can be prevented by the player building extra roads and/or settlements to protect the vulnerable spots, but that obviously slows down their road building.

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    If this action results in a tie -and- the current holder is one of those tied, I'd expect it to remain with the current holder. This being equivalent to a second player adding a road section to match the length of your existing 'longest road'. You need to own an unambiguous Longest Road to gain the card. – Cheeseminer Aug 7 '13 at 14:19

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