In Memoir '44 the rules specify that Tanks can move one extra hex (4 hexes instead of 3) if they remain on road hexes for their entire move.

My question is: What effect does this have on their ability to fire? Can tanks that remain on, and move only along, road hexes move 4 hexes and still fire, or are they limited to only 3 hexes of movement if they wish to fire? My son and I have been unable to resolve this from the rules.

For non-Memoir '44 players: For other units (ie infantry) the ability to fire after movement is determined by the extent of movement.


Armor can move 4 hexes and still battle at full strength.

From p. 5 of the Terrain Pack rules:

Armor may move 4 hexes on a road and still battle.

The main rulebook makes it clear that Armor's battle strength is unaffected by its movement (p. 9):

[Armor] always combats at 3 dice.

P. 15-16 of the FAQ has a concise summary of the effects of Roads on all units, which might be of interest if you have questions about other units.

Armor - 4 hexes and battle

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