Properties of value x have mortgage value x/2 and unmortgage value 11x/20, for 27 of the properties this is an exact dollar value but Park Place is special.

Cost M$350, Mortgage M$175, unmortgage M$192.5. Half dollars don't exist and would never be useful EXCEPT in this case.

Is there an official ruling for the unmortgage cost of Park Lane? I've always played it as $193 but an argument came up when an opponent only had M$592 and wanted to put houses on Mayfair and Park Lane and unmortgage Park lane on the same turn, it made a difference of M$105 rent the next turn.

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You round up. So the unmortgage cost of Park Place is $193.

The rules for the electronic banking version of monopoly have this specifically listed in the mortgage rules.

page 12:

Repaying a mortgage
You must pay the original mortgage amount plus 10% interest (rounded up to the nearest 10,000). Once the mortgage is repaid, turn the Title Deed card faceup.

emphasis mine.

In this version you start with $15Million instead of the normal $1500, so the nearest $10,000 is equivalent to $1 in other versions.

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