If I play a "New Rule" that allows an action "once during your turn" (Recycling, Goal Mill, etc.) - do I get to take those action immediately, or is my turn now over because I've completed my "played one".

I understand that new rules go into effect immediately, what I'm not clear on is exactly when my turn is over for the "once during your turn" clause.

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New Rules take effect immediately. Your turn is over after you have completed all the required rules and you have chosen not to perform any optional actions.

The Online FAQ and the rules both tell you that new rules take effect immediately (I didn't quote the rules pdf, but look under New Rule:, and also gives blue example boxes)

Q: Suppose the rule is Play 2 and for my second play I change the rules to Play 3. Do I play one more card or am I done because I played 2?

A: All rules take effect immediately, so you would need to play 1 more card because the rules at that point had become Play 3.

The turn order is described in the rules

On Your Turn:

1) Draw the number of cards currently required.

2) Play the number of cards currently required.

3) Discard down to the current Hand Limit (if any).

4) Comply with the current Keeper limit (if any).

Optional actions allowed by New Rules, Keepers, etc may be performed at any point during this sequence.

So for example, Recycling is an optional rule that says,

Once per turn, you may discard a Keeper you have on the table and Draw 3 extra cards.

You can choose to use its ability anytime during your turn sequence.

  • If there are no are no further cards to be played, and no cards or keepers to discard (steps 2&3&4 on the turn sequence), since the new rule played as the last play on step 2 does not have a required action - wouldn't that mean the turn is now over? If so, one would not be able to opt to use the optional action on that rule until their next turn.
    – Justin
    Sep 7, 2013 at 11:38
  • @Justin, No. There is a step 2,3,4 regardless if you are required to do anything or not. The way I understand "during" is that there a minimum of 3 points where you could choose to use an optional rule. Between steps 1-2, between 2-3, and between 3-4. Another possibilty is tbat the end-points are inclusive and you can use an optional rule before step 1, or after step 4, but that is uncertain in my reading of the rules.
    – user1873
    Sep 7, 2013 at 14:04
  • I would say your turn is over. Once you've played that rule, you've played the one action card you are allowed per turn, and you're done.
    – JHaasie77
    Sep 9, 2013 at 15:16

If you play the rule as your turn of one play then you can follow the rule as long as it says that it is a free action then you can complete the new rule and then you have ended your turn.

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