Where I can buy boards, cards, dice, fake money, figures, and any sort of pieces? It would be nice if the store sells on the internet.

Another good reason is to buy replacements for damaged or lost pieces.

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Here's a list from BoardGameGeek:

Industry Sources

It should get you started on the path to finding everything you need.


Just go to The Game Crafter

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Some game stores do sell a number of game creation items. I would check with your friendly local game store and see if they carry the Fantasy Flight Game Supply line which currently includes card sleeves, game tokens, and plastic stands. Dice should be relatively easy to come by at your game store as well, and I know Chessex carries a full line of white or creme blank dice in 4,6,8,10,12 or 20 sided varieties.

My local gamestore also carries pawns and blank playing cards, but I know that isn't necessarily the norm. For any items you can't find locally, the internet is always worth a search.

  • Teacher supply stores frequently carry blank pieces and other resources, too. Dec 19, 2013 at 0:22

If you're looking for one-off pieces, for play testing purposes and such (rather than having custom pieces made for final production of something), I'd hit up yard sales and thrift stores.

I typically wouldn't recommend them, as you can't be sure most games are complete, but in this case, getting a bunch of partial games cheaply might be an advantage.

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    bargain hunting, I like it! I've picked up a lot of complete boardgames over the years for $1 at garage sales. Probably 75% of what I've bought ends up being complete.
    – Pat Ludwig
    Nov 5, 2010 at 17:39
  • I know which of my local thrift stores count pieces before taping game boxes shut. The others, I either open them and count myself, or just assume pieces are missing when making the purchasing decision. Either way, you can get money, dice, counters, minuteglasses, spinners, tokens, and all sorts of other stuff for pennies on the dollar.
    – Sparr
    Nov 11, 2010 at 5:35

Dice will probably be the least of your problems since you can buy them at any game store. As for other elements I'd look on eBay. You could probably buy some cheap board games and combine them to make your dream game.


If you are looking to go straight to the manufacturer, Tom Jolly has another current and good list of sources at http://beach.silcom.com/~tomjolly/design2.htm


At board game expositions like Spiel Essen, they sell game pieces.


I've used http://www.SpielMaterial.de in Germany and Plastics for Games (http://www.p4g.co.uk/) in the UK before and been happy with both. Plastics for Games are definitely a buy in bulk sort of place though, from what I remember.

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