In other words, if the two cities are connected, is that sufficient for gaining the points on the destination ticket, or does the holder of the destination ticket have to connect the two cities using his own trains?

I have read over the official rules but it does not seem to be explicit about it.

I would appreciate a citation for answers if possible.


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The holder of the destination card has to connect the two cities with their own trains. The route can be as roundabout as you like though, as long as they are connected.

In the Ticket to Ride: Europe version, you can build stations which then let you count another player's route as if it was your own for the purposes of scoring destination cards.

  • I concur. As for citations, I have three. 1) The rules say that players get points if they complete a series a routes that connects the cities on their tickets. There's no mention of include routes completed by other players. 2) There would be no use for Stations in the Europe version if you could include other people's routes. 3) I played with François Valentyne.
    – ikegami
    Dec 3, 2013 at 14:16

The holder of the destination cards must connect the cities. The rules are explicit about this (emphasis mine).

Each Destination Ticket includes the name of two cities on the map and a Point Value. If a player successfully completes a series of routes that connect the two cities, they will add the amount of points indicated on the Destination Ticket to their point totals at the end of the game. If they do not successfully connect the two cities, they deduct the amount of points indicated.

Players should then reveal all their Destination Tickets and add (or subtract) the value of their Destination Tickets still in hand, based on whether they successfully (or not) connected those cities together.

At no point is there any suggestion that players score points if any other player completes the route(s).

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