It is possible to end a game of Cosmic Encounter with 6 colonies (i.e. Parasite wild flare). The rules for the FFG version of Cosmic Encounter state that:

The winner(s) are the first player(s) to have five colonies on any planets outside his or her home system . . . It is possible, through alliances and successful negotiations, to have more than one player gain five colonies at the same time. In this case, the players share a win.

This could be interpreted to mean 5 or more colonies, but the rules do not specifically say that. A devious tactic could be to invite someone along as ally to each achieve a 5th planet simultaneously, but then because the parasite flare was played the attacker ends with 6 colonies vs. the ally's 5 colonies.

So . . . who wins if the game ends with one player having 6 colonies and 1 or more players with 5 colonies?

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I received the following e-mailed answer from Jonathan Bove of FFG:

Since all of the players fulfilled the victory condition at the same time, it is a joint victory. However, this shouldn't stop the player with 6 colonies from bragging about his or her intergalactic skills!

Since this is direct from FFG, I will take this to be the official answer.


I believe this is entirely up for player interpretation, but my opinion is: since Cosmic Encounter doesn't have rules for tie-breaking, and since situations where several player meet the victory conditions is interpreted as a shared victory - one player having MORE than 5 colonies is completely identical to this player having 5 colonies, thus he will share a victory with the players that have five colonies.

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