We had this issue come up in a game last night, and we weren't sure how to handle it. Player A had Welding Jar and another artifact in play. Player B cast Naturalize targeting the Welding Jar. In response, Player A sacrificed Welding Jar to regenerate itself.

Is this possible to do? I understand that Welding Jar is going into the graveyard either way, as sacrificed creatures can't be regenerated, but can Welding Jar legally target itself with it's own ability?

EDIT: If this seems non-sensical, let's assume that Player A has something in play like Furnace Celebration that gives them a benefit for sacrificing the Welding Jar.

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Welding Jar can target itself.

When you cast a spell or activate an ability, you choose targets (601.2c) before paying costs (601.2g). So the Welding Jar is still on the battlefield when it's time to choose targets, and is a valid target for its own ability.

That ability will fizzle, of course, since you've already put Welding Jar in the graveyard by the time it would resolve.

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