Do creature effects trigger every time they move base, or just the first time they enter play?

For example, if I play Invader, gain 1 VP, then play Invasion and move it to a second base, do I gain another VP?

Invader, Minion, 3, Gain 1 VP.

  • I just stated an example effect in my question. – markp3rry Feb 18 '14 at 19:49

No, Invader grants a victory point when it's played, not when it's moved.

Play: You play a card when it’s one of the free cards you get in step 2, or any time an ability specifically says that you’re playing it. A card’s ability happens when you play it. When cards are moved, placed, or returned, they’re not being played, and their abilities don’t happen.

Move: This lets you move a card from one location to another. Moving a card does not count as playing it. Minion abilities do not happen when you move a card.

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