Herald from Dominion Guilds says that you can over pay for it and if you do, you may put X Action cards from your discard on top of your deck, where X is the amount you overpaid.

Can you place Herald on top of your deck if you overpay?

(Note: This question comes down to a matter of timing. Does the "when you buy this" clause occur before or after you place Hearld in the discard pile)


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No, Herald cannot put itself on top of the deck by overpaying.

From the designer, Donald X. Vaccarino on BGG.

Q: OK, so when the "when buy" effect kicks in, is the herald you just bought in the discard pile yet? Or would it have to be a "when gain" like Inn to do that? i.e., can you pay 5 to buy a herald and put it on top?

A: When-buy, which includes overpay, triggers before gaining, so you can't buy a Herald and use its overpay to put that very Herald on top of your deck.

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