The Plague Zombie card says:

If undefeated, banish the Plague Zombie, and each character at this location must succeed at a Constitution or Fortitude 6 check or be dealt 1d4 Acid damage.

This means: if it was me who encountered this card and had not defeated it, I would have to take the usual combat damage and after that execute the "if undefeated" text or just the "if undefeated" text?

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You'll take damage and then trigger the "if undefeated" effect

This is covered under the Encountering A Card section on page 10 of the rulebook where it outlines the specific steps to resolve an encounter, and under the Attempting A Check section on pages 10-12 which details out one of those steps with several sub-steps.

The steps to resolve an encounter are:

Evade the Card (Optional)
Apply Any Effects That Happen Before The Encounter, If Needed
Attempt the Check
Attempt the Next Check, If Needed
Apply Any Effects That Happen After The Encounter, If Needed
Resolve the Encounter

When you get to the Attempt the Check step, you follow these sub-steps:

Determine Which Die You're Using
Determine the Difficulty
Play Cards and Use Powers That Affect the Check (Optional)
Assemble Your Dice
Attempt the Roll
Take Damage, If Necessary

So you'll take the damage from failing to defeat the Plague Zombie first during the Attempt the Check step's Take Damage, If Necessary sub-step. Then, during the Resolve the Encounter step, you have not "succeeded at all of the checks required to defeat a bane", so it is undefeated, triggering the special effect on the card.

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