I would like to play against other people.

Can't seem to find any sites.

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Yahoo! Games has Hearts. Actually I originally signed up for a Yahoo account so I could play Hearts.

  • cool thanks. wow, looks so old though, u know any newer websites? – RoboShop Dec 8 '10 at 12:21
  • do you find that when you play, it keeps booting you out of games? I logged in and probably was booted out of 10-15 games before I could play – RoboShop Dec 9 '10 at 10:59

I used to play mostly Bridge and occasionally Hearts on pogo.com. Again it's a site that's been around for many years, though!


PlayOK is pretty good and uses almost-standard rules of Black Lady Hearts. It runs on Java.


You can play Hearts now on Board Game Arena. There are also many other board and card games available.

If you want to know why I recommend BGA, please have a look at my post on another question here. There are many reasons to join BGA community, mostly:

  1. Many great games.
  2. Technology - web based
  3. Both live & asynchronous play
  4. Table system
  5. Community
    • Reputation
    • Feedback
  6. Ease of use

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