In the middle of a game I built a temple which let me pick a favor tile. I selected the favor tile that lets you form a town with 6 power. This favor tile also awards you 2 of the red cultures.

It just so happened that when I pulled the tile I was 2 moves away on the red culture track from being at the top, AND after pulling the favor tile I had 4 structures that that netted 6 power meaning I now had enough to form a town.

I was playing a two player game and the person I was playing with and I didn't know if I should be allowed to move my red culture piece up 2 since my 4 structures with 6 power were now enough to form a town. We wondered if the 2 red cultures had to be taken first, then the town formed next.

We decided that I should form the town first, then move the culture piece up 2. Please let me know if this was correct OR if I should have been forced to move the culture first (meaning I could only use 1 of the 2 bonuses) then form the town next.

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Yes, if a Town would be founded by taking this tile, you get the key immediately, and may use it to reach 10 on the Fire Cult with the 2 Fire influence.

we see that founding a town is not an active action you have to execute but happens automatically and instantly when the conditions are met. and by taking the favor tile(s) the conditions have been met. thus in the same moment you have a town and are allowed to advance to level 10 with the cult bonus shown on your favor tile(s).

(source: http://boardgamegeek.com/article/10450352#10450352)

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