We didn't have a fourth player for some time so we switched from riichi to three player version with korean\japanese rules as described on Wiki (I guess that's the most popular version for 3 players).

But I got a bit confused with scoring here. In riichi you just use sticks\chips, but here it's completely different and it seems normal for players to go negative on points for a portion of a game. So my question on scoring actually consists of two minor:

  • With what score people begin? How do they track score if not using sticks?
  • How much exactly pays discarder? And how much players pay on tsumo (self-draw)?

How we did it:
We started with 0 points for each player, so someone definetely went negative on other's victory. We just tracked the results on paper. On tsumo both players payed game points + bonus points, on ron only discarder payed full (game points + bonus points). I know that's most probably not right as per Wiki, but later in Recap it says:

Only winner scores, taking his total score (game points and bonus points) from each player with no doubling of any kind. Discarder pays the other players score and only the bonus points if the player was ready to win (waiting for one piece with a legal minimum game points hand to be acquired).

Which confuses me, to be honest.

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