My opponent summoned Majesty's Fiend on their turn, I have Beast King Barbaros in hand. May I summon Beast King without tribute with Majesty's Fiend on the field and what is Beast King's attack when I do?

Beast King Barbaros 3000 ATK

You can Normal Summon/Set this card without Tributing, but its original ATK becomes 1900. You can Tribute 3 monsters to Tribute Summon this card. If you do: Destroy all cards your opponent controls.

Majesty's Fiend

Cannot be Special Summoned. Monster effects cannot be activated.

Beast King's attack will be 1900 if you normal summon without tribute.

The effect that lets you normal summon him and decrease his attack is a continuous effect, not an activated effect, so Majesty's fiend will have no effect on it.

  • Ok this makes sense. If it were a trigger then negating his effect would not change him to 3000. That's why Forbidden Chalice will put him at 3400. I know this picking, I'm trying to make this as accurate as possible. The effect that lets you normal summon him is a summoning condition. Aug 27 '14 at 18:14

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