Assume that a player turns up the Ogre Achiever upon kicking down the door, and cannot kill it alone.

Given that the card's description (excluding 'Bad Stuff') is:

+5 against anyone who doesn't have a Class and a Faction.

(bold emphasis mine)

If the original player who looted the room and the person helping both do not have a class and a faction, would the resulting monster have +10 against the team of 2 players?

If so or if not, a specification from the rulebook would be appreciated! I have had no luck in finding anything in the original game's rulebook nor the expansion (Pathfinder).

  • I don't know where the rule is stated explicitly, so I won't post it as an answer. But I believe such modifiers can only be activated once. As the drawing player already triggered that modifier, the helping player cannot trigger it again.
    – Dracs
    Sep 6, 2014 at 2:15

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I haven't been able to find a specific rule in either the rule book or FAQ but the following post from the Steve Jackson Games forum. According to them, the card must explicitly state that the effect stacks. So in your case, the maximum would be +5 to the monsters level.

In my examples, x will always be 5, y will always be 2. A will be Dwarf and B will be Elf. The Dwarf/Anything or Elf/Anything means Anything except human. The reason behind this is because of the Half-breed card that allows you to ignore disadvantages of the single race you have, as long as you have Half-breed too.

1: +x against A & B = +x if A and/or B.

Monster Card says: +5 against Dwarf & Elf

It means that the monster gets a +5 if you're a Dwarf, Dwarf/Anything, Dwarf/Elf, Elf/Anything, Elf.

2: +x against A & B and it stacks = +x if only A or only B, +2x if A & B.

Monster Card says: +5 against Dwarf & Elf, and card specifies that it stacks.

It means that the monster gets a +5 if you're a Dwarf OR an Elf. If you're a Dwarf AND an Elf, the monster get +10 in this case. Dwarf/Anything minus Elf and Elf/Anything minus Dwarf only get +5.

Important note; a Monster getting a bonus against multiple races usually only get the bonus once. Same for multiple classes, or other such things, since they're the same source; Bonus vs Race, or vs Class, or vs whatever. HOWEVER, a combination of those, a Bonus vs Race AND a Bonus vs Class will always stack, since it's a different source. Only the monster cards that SPECIFY that their bonus stack for 2 different Races, Classes or Whatever, will have it stack. An example of such cards would be #3.

3 +x against A, +y against B = +x if only A, +y if only B, +(x+y) if A & B.

Monster Card says: +5 against Dwarf, +2 against Elf. +7 if both.

This one is fairly simple. It means that if you're a Dwarf or Dwarf/Anything, minus Elf, the monster gets a bonus of +5. If you're an Elf or Elf/Anything, minus Dwarf, the monster gets a bonus of +2. If you're Dwarf/Elf, the +5 and +2 stack, and create a +7 bonus for the monster, hence the "if both".

Negatives can appear instead of those positive Bonuses. Some might even have both, in which case one would be added and the other would be substracted. In my examples, it would be something like +5 against Dwarf, -2 Against Elf. In this case, it doesn't have to specify "if both" because, while they're from the same source (Race), one's a Disadvantage (the +5 against Dwarf) and the other's an Advantage (the -2 against Elf).

The rules (in bold) themselves supposedly come from Steve Jackson (although I can't confirm that), the further explanations are from a forum member.

  • I'll vote up for you explanations of other scenarios that are specific for particular cases where the language is clear - but in this particular situation I'm questioning the word anyone, which could apply to just the original door-kicker or the entire team (individually), which affects the result of combat. Sep 6, 2014 at 2:58

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