Most Level Up abilities clearly benefit the Boss, but Robobo's is:

Each opponent mush choose and destroy one Room in his or her Dungeon.

The opponents get to destroy a room (often quite beneficial), and Robobo doesn't!

Is there any way - short of only building a four room dungeon - that Robobo can avoid using this ability? What play strategies can Robobo use to maximize his Level Up ability?

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According to the rules, your boss's "Level Up" ability is triggered when your dungeon is 5 rooms in size. "Triggering" implies necessity. So yes, the only way to avoid levelling up is by not building a fifth room.

Secondly, and more to your concern... according to the Advanced Rules (see the entry for Robobo in the glossary using the link above), using Robobo's level up does not trigger the "destroy this Room" ability for the destroyed room.

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