In the 8th Edition High Elf book the Dragonmage is equipped with heavy armour. This is very unusual for a (non-chaos) wizard. A normal wizard cannot wear armour, magic or otherwise.

Does the fact that can wear normal armour mean he can be upgraded with magic Armour/Shields/Helms or is he forced to keep standard armour?

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In 8th edition the "Magical Interference" rule (Magic Items, pg 500) says:

Wizards cannot choose magic armour unless they have an option for 'normal' armour.

It goes on to say that most Wizards cannot use magic while wearing armour, but that any Wizard that "has armour as part of his standard equipment or an option for 'normal' armour" is an exception, having trained to do so without penalty.

As such, any wizard with armour/access to armour can wear it and cast spells as normal, and can be upgraded with magical armour.

However, most wizards do not have access to armour.

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