How does invocation of nehek affect swarms?

For example the bat swarm.

If I cast nehek on a bat swarm that has 4 bases/models with full wounds and nehek replenishes 3 wounds, what happens? Does it create a new base/model with 3 wounds?

If the unit was not a swarm but had multiple wounds for each base, how would that work?

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Invocation of Nehek (Vampire Counts 8th Ed, pg 60) says that "Wounds gained are distributed as described in Ressurecting Fallen Warriors".

The rules for Ressurecting Fallen Warriors (Vampire Counts 8th Ed, pg 26) state that "A unit cannot be taken beyond it's starting size, though certain powers, spells and special rules may provide exceptions".

So the unit will not go above it's starting size unless the unit or the caster has a special rule saying they may do so (Swarms do not).

The rules for Ressurecting Fallen Warriors go on to say:

"In the case of multiple Wound models, all models in the unit must be fully healed before another can be resurrected."

However, Invocation of Nehek does add that "models with the Vampiric, Ethereal or Large Target special rules can never regain more than 1 Wound per successful casting."

  • Ok, but what if all my models are at full wounds and i heal 3 wounds on a 5 wounds model? Does that new model come into play with 3 wounds or do i have to heal 5 wounds for a new model to show up?
    – prolink007
    Commented Sep 28, 2014 at 18:51
  • Assuming that the unit is below it's starting size (or the Vampire has Summon Creatures of the Night etc.)? Yes, a new model will be created with 3 wounds. Commented Sep 28, 2014 at 22:41

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