We're playing our yearly Advanced Civilization game this Saturday, and we may have 9 people. Does anyone have any 9-player rules?

We have all the extension maps.


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While I don't know any, you can easily figure it out and try if that works.

Official rules state:

pla  pan  tok
9    -   
8    4/5  47
7    4/5  55
6    4    55
5    3w   47
4    2e+  55
3    2w-  47

(players, panels, tokens)

I find it odd it allows 7 and 8 players to play with either 4 or 5 panels without varying the amount of token to use. I read it "you must use it, but we have to provide rules to allow you to play even if you don't have it".

Assumed that, there are two ways to amend it.

pla  pan  tok
9    6    55
8    5    47
7    5    55
6    4    55

the more conservative approach is to just assume they meant the western extra panel to be used and keep the tokens as they were. Problem is you would need a sixth panel to add a ninth player, and it doesn't officially exist (nor unofficially, AFAIK). If you take this route, you'll automatically also get a 10-player version, using 6 panels and 47 tokens.

pla  pan  tok
9    5    47
8    5    55
7    4    47
6    4    55

the optimistic approach assumes they messed up the token amounts trying to allow 7 and 8-player games to work both with 4 and 5 panels, so you fix it as in this table.

They would both need testing; before actually testing them in the field, actually counting territories and population in each panel could help (I didn't, yet).

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Check out the Civ Expansion Project. Allows up to 18 players!


Our group plays regularly with 9 players. We add a Hittite empire using the orange Asia tokens starting in the small 1'er space in the middle east (Jerusalem?). This empire uses the Asia AST and has a "start location" for barbarian hordes of the two large 1'er spaces of the Arabian desert.

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