I once ran into a computer implementation of an old board game that seemed rather interesting, unfortunately I am unable to recall either. What I do remember:


  • Java (advertised support for linux)
  • hex tiles
  • recruit squads of magical beasts for combat


  • recent IOS (or Android) version, unrelated to the Java version
  • hex tiles arranged in concentric "terrain" zones, the goal being to reach the center
  • special (angelic/guardian) creatures with greater powers
  • two modes, one for recruiting and one for combat

This sounds very much like Titan. The Java version may be Colossus.

  • Yes, thanks - right on both counts. Originally I considered this game too complicated (also, Colossus being Java and graphically unappealing), but since having picked up roguelikes I've become open to the idea of slower-paced games. Though, I had given up on ever finding this game again.
    – user19087
    Oct 14 '14 at 20:14

There is also Slugathon which unlike Colossus is still active, if sporadically so. Since incomplete, Slugathon currently lacks features and is buggy, slow. The server already provides a ranking system, and the AI seems stronger than that of Colossus. That said, despite its awful UI, Colossus is the better alternative for beginning players.

Anyone else, choosing is a toss-up. I haven't tested Colossus' server (requires a web account), so I don't know if it provides rankings.

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