I have played Yahtzee with people with differing strategies. Some, I'm not so sure I agree with.

Roll for 6's every time One friend believes that if he tries to roll 6's on every throw, he'll end up with a high 6 roll, sixes for his 3-of-a-kind, 4-of-a-kind, chance, and Yahtzees.

I have found this strategy to blow up in my face all too often; not enough attention is paid to rolls of the lower pips.

Roll for Yahtzees every throw Another friend plays in this mode all the time. Similar to rolling for 6's, this one is a little better...it incorporates the other pips. This strategy is a compromise between the first one, and my general strategy:

Just roll with it I find it best to focus on generating Mojo on my first roll, and going wherever the dice point to. If I'm presented a 2-3-4, or 3-4-5, my mode goes into straights. If I am presented a collection of the same pips, I focus on trying to get 3+ of the same. I think it might be most important to get at minimum 3 of each for the top bonus.

Also, on my first roll if I get two pair, especially early in the game, I often pass up going for a full house. Although I can't back it statistically, I feel it's easy to land a full house in Yahtzee. This one backfires on me every so often.

Does anyone have a solid Yahtzee strategy?

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