Bestow is a mechanic with the following reminder text:

(If you cast this card for its bestow cost, it’s an Aura spell with enchant creature. It becomes a creature again if it's not attached to a creature.)

Dictate of Erebos has the following effect:

Whenever a creature you control dies, each opponent sacrifices a creature.

Consider the following case:

  • My opponent controls a Dictate of Erebos

  • I control a Creature which has, as an Aura attached to it, a card with Bestow (in my case, an Underworld Coinsmith with Hopeful Eidolon as an Aura)

  • I control a single other creature, which I want to avoid sacrificing (in my case, a Doomwake Giant)

  • A single effect kills two of my opponent’s creatures (in my case, the Doomwake Giant’s Constellation effect triggered while he had two 1/1s)

  • I choose, as my first sacrifice, the Creature enchanted with the Bestowed card (in my case, the Underworld Coinsmith above)

In this situation, does the Bestowed card (e.g. the Hopeful Eidolon above) revert to being a Creature in time for me to choose it as the next sacrifice?

Or does it only revert to being a Creature after all triggered instances of Dictate of Erebos have resolved, forcing me to sacrifice the creature I want to save (e.g. the Doomwake Giant above)?

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You may sacrifice Underworld Coinsmith, and then you may sacrifice Hopeful Eidolon.

Whenever a creature dies, all of its enchantment(s) become unattached. Normally, they would be sent straight to the graveyard as a state based action. However, enchantments with Bestow immediately become a creature instead due to rule CR 702.102a. The commonly used slang terminology for this action is "falls off".

Triggers from Dictate of Erebos resolve one at a time. If you sacrifice Underworld Coinsmith to the first trigger, then Hopeful Eidolon immediately "falls off" and is ready to be sacrificed to the second trigger.

702.102a If you chose to pay this spell’s bestow cost, it becomes an Aura enchantment and gains enchant creature. These effects last until the permanent this spell becomes becomes unattached.

  • I just want to point out that that Comprehensive Rules link is actually out of date. It doesn't have the rules for Khans of Tarkir. I would suggest instead linking to MTG Salvation, which is completely up to date. Specifically, I'd suggest linking to this page.
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  • Minor improvement: Triggers from Dictate of Erebos resolve one at a time => Abilities on the stack (including the triggered ability from Dictate of Erebos) resolve one at a time
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Dictate of Erebos' effect goes onto the stack for each instance it was triggered. The Hopeful Eidolon becomes a creature as soon as the creature it's attached to is removed from the battlefield so it will be a creature before the second Erebos trigger resolves, so you may sacrifice it.

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