The "Wild West Show" character John Pain states:

If [John] has less than 6 cards in hand, each time any player "draws!", John adds the card just drawn to his hand.

I've always interpreted this as only applying to cards like Barrel, Jail and Dynamite or character attributes like Jourdonnais but not to the two cards drawn at the beginning of a player's turn or cards like Stage Coach and Wells Fargo. Recently I was playing with someone and the question came up and I couldn't find anything in the rules about it other than the distinct use of the term "draw!" in certain instances.

Does John Pain get cards drawn at the beginning of a player's turn and from Stage Coach and Wells Fargo or just from cards like Barrel, Jail and Dynamite?


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No, in this case draw! refers to flipping a card and checking the suit revealed for something to fire like barrel or dynamite. Players drawing cards for their turn, stagecoach/wells fargo/dodge/bible or any other ability that adds a card to hand does not count.

Here is a guide that gives some more information on the draw! ability.


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