During solo-play, if the robot successfully places Galactic Federation, do each of the 6-cost counters earned by the robot also earn the additional 2 VPs from Galactic Federation?

This is from the Gathering Storm expansion to Race For The Galaxy.

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Add the robot's VP chips and tableau VPs, scoring each 6-cost development card or counter as 6 or 9 VPs, depending on the selected game difficulty.

Galactic Federation, as well as any other such development card, will always count for 6 or 9 VPs. Don't try to count based on the contents of the tableau.

  • Oops! I wonder how many games I would have won if I had read that rule more carefully. It also looks like the 6-cost development counters count as a card in the robot's tableau of 12 cards when meeting end-game-conditions.
    – Spig
    Nov 30, 2014 at 17:50

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