I am planning on creating my own version of Risk in such a way that we can play it with 7 persons. For this I am planning to create my own map with a local theme.

What kinds of ratios/parameters are common in games with fewer players (e.g. countries per player, armies per turn)? Based on these, what kind of modifications do I need to make to the map (number of countries / connections between countries or continents) to make it suitable for 7 players? Or is the game playable with the current map and 7 players?

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    This question appears to be off-topic because it is about inventing rules for a new game that doesn't exist yet. – Forget I was ever here Dec 30 '14 at 21:16
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    I don't see the problem with this question. Lots of questions on this board deal with making house rules to change the way certain games are played, and several other questions deal with game design principles and how to allow certain mechanics to work for a new game. – GendoIkari Dec 31 '14 at 0:07
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We used to play Risk 2210 a lot, often with more than the recommended 5 players, and used the rule that if you are wiped out, when your turn comes around, you can start a rebellion.


  • Take two cards and choose one of the shown territories to rebel in.
  • Roll 3d6. That many troops in the chosen territory are replaced with your troops.
  • If there are any enemy troops remaining in the territory, you must fight them, but if you win, you can continue your turn as normal. If you lose, your rebellion failed but you can try again on your next turn.

It leads to a more chaotic game but it's a LOT more fun that one or two people sitting around doing nothing for hours.

  • This might work in Risk A.D. 2210 as there is a five turn game limit. Players coming back in when you're playing turn-unlimited world domination in normal Risk would not be viable. – AndyT Mar 18 '15 at 12:49

I haven't tried original Risk with more than 4 players, but there is an alternative that can more or less be played with 7 players, Risk Legacy. It is an official "spinoff" where the map changes and each faction is different and evolves a bit getting special and unique habilities. While it is initially for 5 players, without spoiling the fun let's say it gets more variety.

There are lots of reviews out there (example of a nice one I read a while ago), so you can read about it and decide. I have it and really love the concept, keeps the basics of Risk but "expands".


If you wish to make your own map as I have, you could perhaps visit strategygamenetwork.com where you will find at least 80 different maps created by various users of this site. My map is Polar World. I have found that playing with 7 players does not make for an enjoyable game of RISK, but if you must, a good ration is 7 to 10 territories per player. If you want to play with 7 players, your map should have approximately 48 to 70 territories. Given that Parker Brothers/Hasbro has issued different coloured & styled soldiers over the years, finding more colours or styles on e-bay is not difficult.

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