In some situations, you may have units at your HQ with your warlord. I know when you commit your warlord to a planet, all the units at HQ come across with the warlord exhausted.

What I want to know is what happens to these units once you win a battle at the planet that is not the first planet? Do they go back to HQ with the warlord, or do they remain committed to that planet?


After rereading the 'Learn to Play rulebook closely, I found the answer on page 11 (emphasis mine):

When a player wins a battle at any other planet, his warlord (if it was committed to that planet) returns to his headquarters, maintaining the state (ready or exhausted) it was in at the end of the battle. The planet remains in play, and other surviving units remain at that planet, also maintaining their state.

In short, any non warlord units at a planet that is not the first, will remain there after the battle is completed.

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