I currently own Chronicle of the Godslayer and Return of the Fallen, which are a paired set, so they work very well together.

I'm having trouble locating a copy of Storm of Souls, but I could pretty easily pick up Immortal Heroes.

Would Immortal Heroes work well alongside CotG/RoTF, or is it better to 1) play it as a standalone or 2) combo it with SoS?

That's my specific situation, but an answer that more broadly addresses combining boxes from different "blocks" would be great.


I have played all combinations of sets up through and including Realms Unraveled.

Here are my thoughts:

  • Immortal Heroes will mix in fine with RoTF and CoTG.
  • Immortal Heroes played all on it's own would grow stale quickly
  • Immortal Heroes and Storm of Souls together is an fun block in and of itself - maybe more fun than CoTG and RoTF.

If you have an iPhone or iPad I highly recommend the Playdeck implementation of the Ascension game - it costs a few bucks and you can play online with strangers, friends, or against the AI computer.

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