The Royal Garden states:

At game end, the owner of the occupied royal garden takes 1 VP for each noble on his island. As each noble is normally worth 1 VP (whether on a building, plantation or in San Juan), with the occupied royal garden each is worth 2 VPs to that player".

Puerto Rico defines "island" as the twelve spaces at the bottom of the board to place plantation tiles; the Royal Garden states that you get 1 VP for each noble on his island (which I would assume means "nobles on plantations") but then goes on to state that nobles in San Juan and buildings are worth 1 extra VP as well.

So... which is it? Do nobles on island tiles get the extra VP, or nobles on your entire board get the extra VP?

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In my opinion, a player's island is their game board, unless explicitly referring to plantations. Its semantically tricky, as the island on the board contains San Juan which is implicitly the player's city.

I admit, that's kind of shaky reasoning.

With regards to the Royal Garden explicitly, an unofficial translation of the original rules was:

At game’s end the owner of the Garden gains 2 VP for each Noble he owns instead of the usual 1VP/Noble. This is true wherever his Nobles are: building, plantation, San Juan, etc...


And it makes more sense in terms of design as the rest of the expansion clearly wants you to place Nobles on buildings.

  • Interesting note about the translation! I agree, it's shaky, and I'm torn between "rules as written" versus "intent", but I'm inclined to agree that it's a mistranslation. Sure makes Villa + Jeweler + Royal Gardens nasty if you can pull it off. Oct 20, 2010 at 15:39

You win 2VP per noble in the island and 1VP per noble in the city or san juan IMO. This is more balanced.

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